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The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good

By Dallas Emerson, SARC Deputy Communications Director The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good — let’s explore… I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in conservative conversation. “Let’s start a new party. A party for trueconservatives.” We’ve all heard some version of that. The Republican Party is publicly fracturing. As President Trump leaves office, some ofContinue reading “The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good”

The Changing Face of The Republican Party | SARC

Americans aren’t used to complex election results, and the 2020 election was complex. Despite winning the Presidency by a relatively comfortable margin, the Democrats suffered defeats across the country in the House, and failed to win the Senate outright as had been predicted. Republicans held their own in state legislature elections, and continue to hold the governorship of most states

The Hypocrisy of Mayor Steve Adler | SARC

Sometimes, everything seems almost normal—a blessed feeling in the bizarro world of 2020. Driving down the street, one can, for a few moments, feel like it’s an average day in Austin. Our traffic has mostly returned to Pre-March levels. Our cyclists are out in force. Our homeless are more prevalent than ever in their ever-growing camps beneath our overpasses.

South Austin Voting Locations | SARC

78749 – Austin Oaks Church 78741 – Dan Ruiz Branch Library 78745 – Dittmar Recreation Center 78744 – George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center 78748 – Shady Hollow Village Shopping Center 78704 – South Austin Recreation Center 78748 – South Park Meadows -Ste. 400 – Mega Center -Ste. 500, S. I-35, Austin

A Letter from Lani Popp: Blockwalk This Weekend!

Dear Supporters and Volunteers,Hello! It’s crunch time and we need you more than ever. Lani and team will be block walking in Austin this Saturday and we would love to see you there. Please email campaign manager Ruth Funk at for details. We can’t wait to see you!Thanks! The Lani Popp Team -TexasContinue reading “A Letter from Lani Popp: Blockwalk This Weekend!”


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