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“The Austin Police Department on Friday identified the man who was found dead lying in the road with multiple gunshot wounds early Wednesday morning in South Austin.” CBS AUSTIN “Commercial developer and operator Unico Properties has sold Bouldin Creek, a 170,000-square-foot office building in South Austin to San Francisco-based DivcoWest for an undisclosed price. UnicoContinue reading “South Austin News | SARC”

CALL TO ACTION: Afghan-American Austinite Veteran Seeks Assistance for Family Members

Here in Austin, there’s an Afghan interpreter named Hash who served alongside our military. He has become a citizen, but his family is currently trapped in Kabul, at Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Release: South Austin Republican Club Takes Official Stances on May 1st Propositions

Charter amendment regarding binding arbitration  Proposition A: Shall the City Charter be amended to give the Austin Firefighters Association, Local 975 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, the authority to require the City to participate in binding arbitration of all issues in dispute with the Association if the City and the Association reach impasse inContinue reading “Release: South Austin Republican Club Takes Official Stances on May 1st Propositions”

On May 1st a Change In Course Must Be Made | SARC

The City Council of Austin has failed to address homelessness in the city.
Think that’s too harsh? Mayor Adler agrees.
Don’t misunderstand, he doesn’t have a plan, and doesn’t want to reinstate the camping ban. He doesn’t really have any suggestions. Honestly, it feels a bit like he’s phoning it in at this time, given that can’t run for reelection.
In June 2019, the Council legalized…

How We Can Help Our Community

By Dallas Emerson, SARC Deputy Communications Director SARC has an opportunity to help our community! One of the issues that brings us most together is the problem of homelessness in our city. This week, I’m sure those without homes will be more present on our minds than usual. We are about to get hit withContinue reading “How We Can Help Our Community”

The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good

By Dallas Emerson, SARC Deputy Communications Director The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good — let’s explore… I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in conservative conversation. “Let’s start a new party. A party for trueconservatives.” We’ve all heard some version of that. The Republican Party is publicly fracturing. As President Trump leaves office, some ofContinue reading “The GOP is Divided — and That’s Good”